Full Moon Winter Retreat

Lunar Sadhana: a Meaningful Weekend Getaway to Reflect, Re-connect & Re-Set

January 6-8th, 2023

Seward, Alaska

The full moon represents abundance.  Countless cultures would traditionally gather together under the light of the full moon & celebrate life's fullness.

Are you looking for more connection? Would you like to share a deep presence, genuine joy, a unique & meaningful experience with others?

The last year has been challenging for all of us. Social isolation, political uprise, fear of coronavirus, guilt and shame for spreading coronavirus…maybe feeling judged, anxious, overwhelmed and angry about all of it. 2020 was quite the wave; although there seems to be a “light at the end of the tunnel,” we are still along the ride...

This retreat is an opportunity to help us re-connect with ourselves, others and try to find deeper meaning of the past year and put it all in context. Give yourself a weekend filled with ayurvedic & yogic practices to help dis-connect from stress & re-connect with what matters.

Daily yoga, breathwork & meditation
Self-care & Ayurvedic cooking
Time in nature
Reflective journaling
Fire puja & intention setting

Join us for a weekend of meaningful celebration with intention to heal, recover & reset from 2020. We will use practices like Yoga Nidra & Meditation to calm & ground the mind, engage in dynamic vinyasa yoga to get stagnant winter energy moving, cook nourishing Ayurvedic meals together, and celebrate life as we celebrate life & invite new growth/transformation with a Vedic fire ceremony.


Dates: January 6-8, 2023
Location: Seward, Alaska

Activities: Yurt Yoga, Ayurveda Classes, Tidal Exploring, Bonfire

Duration: 3 days, 2 nights

Lodging: Shared indoor lodging
Max group size: 6
Level: 1

Cost: $300

The moon’s gravitational pull on the Earth is strongest when the moon is full, and is illuminated by the light of the sun. This energy and light helps you see things in powerful new ways and set plans for moving forward.  -Jule


Friday, Feb 26th:

(arrive anytime after 5pm)

7-7:30pm Introductions

7:30-9pm Yoga & Yoga Nidra

Move your body & release the work week with a slow flow designed to balance all 3 doshas and calm the mind & body.  Seal the evening with yoga nidra, a guided deep relaxation technique- this ensures that you’ll sleep deeply & feel restored for the weekend ahead.

Saturday, Feb 27th:

8-9:30am Yoga & Meditation 

We will have the fire going and the yoga yurt toasty!  Be ready to sweat & move! Start the morning off right with a fun & dynamic vinyasa flow class designed to move the stagnant kapha energy and leave you feeling radiant & alive!

9:30-10:30am Breakfast 

10:30-12pm: Group Discussion/Satsanga 

Introduction to Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science.  Ayurveda is the practice of observing nature’s rhythms and aligning ourselves with them.   Explore how attuning to seasonal changes- and moon cycles can improve our health & wellness.

12-2pm: Lunch 

Food can be medicine! It also brings people together. This will be an interactive hands on cooking show learning basic Ayurvedic food guidelines & energetics.  As a group we will lovingly prepare a tri-doshic meal & share it mindfully as a community.


This is time for you.  Comb the beach & connect with nature, read a book, take a nap, drink tea & chat with friends- whatever you need to feel restored.

4:30- 6pm: Yoga & Sankalpa Meditation 

We rejoin as a group to move, breath & practice yoga in the yurt.  This class will be filled with juicy hip openers, enabling the body to deeply release & let go of unwanted energy.  After our practice, we will create new year “Sankalpas,” deep seated intentions & resolutions.  Identifying what we would like to let go of- attitudes, beliefs, habits, relationships-anything that needs changing & our greater vision in seeing it through.

6-7:30: Dinner 

Another fun cooking show, learning and implementing “The 6 Tastes of Ayurveda.”  We need all 6 tastes every day- learn what they are and how to get them.  Also explore ideal tastes and food groups for winter (kapha) season.

8-10pm: Fire Ceremony 

Countless cultures honor and celebrate moon cycles with a fire ceremony, or “agni hotra.”  Fire is the element responsible for transformation & change.  This vedic inspired fire ritual will aid in releasing unwanted energy & obstacles as we welcome the new year with our Sankalpas.

Sunday, Feb 28th:

8-9:30: Yoga & Meditation 

This practice will focus on heart openers & mild backbends; helping us close the weekend feeling induce a feeling of “Sattva.”  The quality of the mind that is awake & energized, but also clear & calm.

9:30-10:30: Breakfast 

10:30-12pm: Group Discussion/Satsanga 

Tips for mental,emotional & physical wellness from Ayurveda!! As a community we will share tips, tricks & homeopathic things we’ve had success with-an open forum of wisdom & experience sharing,

12-1pm: Lunch 
We share one last meal before we part ways, not farewell, but “Until next time.”

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