Spring Cleanse Weekend Getaway

May 2023

Girdwood, Alaska

Ayurveda & Nutrition

We are what we eat.  Learn how to cleanse and detox your body from the inside out using foods, herbs and lifestyle practices suitable for spring months.  Learn basic principles of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of preventative medicine & longevity.  Welcome the spring with a mild cleansing plan to thaw out and release toxins that have accumulated throughout the winter!  Energize your system while learning how to balance your dosha, your individual constitution, with personalized lifestyle, food and herb recommendations.

All meals & workshops will be in a group cooking show format in a beautiful home in Girdwood. Hands on practice & interactive involvement in the cooking process is a great way to learn Ayurvedic cooking! Plus, it’s fun cooking as a group!
You will also leave the weekend with handouts and support in continuing your own “at home” Ayurvedic spring cleanse program.

Yoga & Meditation

A Saturday A.M. yoga class at the Girdwood Yoga & Wellness Shack will incorporate practices and postures that encourage the bodies natural cleansing mechanisms: twists that support the digestive system and energizing heart openers for the lungs- let mindful movement help you feel cleansed, invigorated & inspired!
Practice breathing exercises and meditation techniques that encourage grounding and mental clarity.

Dates: May 2023
Location: Girdwood, Alaska

Duration: 2 DAYS, 1 NIGHT
Lodging: shared indoor
Max group size: 6

Cost: $250 ($175 for workshop only, no lodging)



8-9:45am: Cleansing Yoga & Meditation
10:30-11:30am: Introduction to Ayurveda & Gentle Cleansing (fruit & tea provided)
12-1:30pm: Lunch
1:30-3:00: Cleansing Toxins (ama) with Whole Foods 101


4:00-5:00pm: Supporting Optimal Digestion (agni)
5-7pm: Dinner
7-8pm: After Dinner Discussion: Ayurvedic Self-Care (dinacharya) for Modern Lifestyles


7:00-7:30am: Meditation & Pranayama
8:00-9:00am: Breakfast
9:00-11am: Take Home Recipes and “How to” Ayurvedic Home Cleanse Support

Class Descriptions