When it comes to raw wilderness and abundance of natural surroundings-no where compares to Alaska. It is truly “The Last Frontier.” With a population density of only 1.3 people per sq. mile, it’s easy to find space to think… & simply be. Not only are there less crowds, the opportunities to access sacred wilderness are unparalleled. Alaska offers travelers & seekers something special, words can’t quite do it justice- Alaska’s magic must be seen with one’s own eyes to be experienced.

“In all my travels around the world, I keep coming back to Alaska. For me, it’s like heaven on earth- I haven’t found anywhere that inspires or enriches my spirit, quite like Alaska. It’s so wild here- the mountains are big, glaciers abundant, rivers are fast, cold & wild, coastlines never ending, and wildlife roam free. There’s space- I can hear myself think.”
- Jule