Arctic River Rafting

June 26-July 5th 2021

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Brooks Range, Alaska

The wilds of ANWR are unparalleled, truly wild & uncrowded

This is our most remote trip, conducive to finding peace of mind and diving into our daily yoga practices. We allow plenty of time for day hikes and exploring, or just simply being. It’s well worth the effort to climb the ridges and peaks for some stunning views or just to relax and wile away an afternoon & enjoy the quiet of the wilderness.

On this trip we spend a full week in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, deep in the Brooks Range, rafting and hiking from the Upper Marsh Fork of the Canning River towards Arctic Coast. This area is so rarely visited, we’ll likely be traveling through valleys and exploring ridges that are seldom travelled by people.
This area is known for the wildlife. These encounters are hard to predict, but on past trips we’ve seen grizzly bears, musk ox, wolverine, wolves, arctic & red fox, caribou and Dall sheep. Numerous species of birds travel to the area to nest and take advantage of the insect population. We could see golden eagles, peregrine falcons, short eared & snowy owls, ptarmigan, arctic terns, hawks & loons among many more.

Dates: June 26-July 5th 2021
Location: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Brooks Range, Alaska

Activities: River Rafting, Day hiking
Duration: 10 days, 9 nights
Lodging: Tent camping

Max group size: 6
Level: 2

Cost: $4200

“Everybody needs beauty...places to play in and pray in where nature may heal and cheer and give strength to the body and soul alike.”

― John Muir


The River Rafting

We raft about 90 miles, from near the headwaters of the Marsh Fork, nearly to the Coast. This is a moderately difficult trip, not a “float”. We may have to drag the boats over shallow spots; we will have to paddle to get where we’re going, at times the current will be swift. There will be times where we get to sit and float downstream, but also times when we paddle hard.

Most of the river is considered “Class II,” but expect some fun Class III rapids for short stretches along the way. However, no experience is required for paddle rafting, as professional instruction is provided- anyone can learn. Everyone joins & participates in the fun of paddling the rafts under the guidance of an experienced raft guide!

What about mosquitos - aren't they bad in the Arctic?

It would be remiss not to mention mosquitoes regarding this trip. The arctic is famous for mosquitoes- and honestly, yes-,some years they are bad…but some years they are barely around. With proper clothing, mosquito repellent, bug netting, and a good attitude, most people find them to be pretty manageable.

Here again the river is our friend, as the wide braided channels provide little habitat for bugs; they aren’t really on the water. Not to mention a nice breeze often blow up the riverbed, which helps keep them at bay. We also bring a bug shelter for camp; that way we have some sort of refuge if they do seem particularly bad.

What's Included
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